KPOP QUIZ: Snippet Game

How many snippets will it take you to guess these Kpop songs?

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I tried this concept out on Twitter (@kpopperco) and it was so well-received, that I turned into a full video!

Every song is easy to guess by its fifth snippet. The challenge of this game is to guess it as soon as possible. How many of you were able to identify the songs off just the first snippet?

I wanna do more quizzes on this channel, as well as compilations. It's hard to find the right balance. Nevertheless, I hope y'all enjoy this vid!!

If you find the time/courage or pleasure to record yourself doing this challenge, please upload it!! I'd love to see you beat the game. Tweet me your videos at @kpopperco

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Songs used (in order of appearance):

GOT7 - Begging On My Knees

Countdown voice by Corsica_S


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COMMENT if you have any ideas. I'll look into most of them, promise!


I do not own all the audio/video elements used in this video!
credits to respected owners and Korean broadcasts
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