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Watch the Bengali full movie Marg : মার্গ বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Marg was released in the year 1996, Directed by Maniklal Banerjee, starring Joy Sengupta, Prabhas Basu, Ranjit Seth, Ashim Kumar, Satya Banerjee.

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Movie : Marg
Language : Bengali
Genre : Drama
Director : Maniklal Banerjee
Story : Maniklal Banerjee
Music Director : Maniklal Banerjee
Lyricist : Maniklal Banerjee
Playback : Maniklal Banerjee, Rumi Ghosh, Srabani Adhikari
Release : 1996
Star Cast : Prabhas Basu, Ranjit Seth, Ashim Kumar, Satya Banerjee, Prasanta Chowdhury, Mannath Mukherjee, Smita Lahiri, Joy Sengupta, Paritosh Sarkar, Master Raju, Kanai Chattopadhyay, Bhabani Bhattacharya, Madhumita Banerjee, Swarnali Banerjee, Joy Banerjee, Kumar Bapi

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Marg' shows the purpose of life and the futile things that we chase in life. The contrasts are highlighted with the help of the contrasting lives of two friends Chandrakant and Satyapriya. Chandrakant is the son of a landlord who is attacked by robbers and left badly injured. A sage saves his life and tells him to go back to his family life because therein lies peace. But Chandrakant a selfish greedy man is only after wealth. He doesn't care for the miseries of poor farmers. His son grows up to be a business-minded person. Chandrakant's grandsons are also after the worldly pleasures. Satyaproya on the other hand is in search of eternal joys. He realizes that eternal joys lies in service to mankind. We can achieve it only by living with men and not renouncing them. at the time of death Chandrakant is a neglected old man whose family is after his wealth. He dies a lonely death. But as soon as the villagers hear about Satyapriya's illness they immediately visit him and he dies happily in the presence of his well-wishers.


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