Maryellen And The Brightest Star | A Maryellen Movie | American Girl

When stargazer Maryellen learns that a rocket scientist will visit her classroom and be introduced by the student who writes the best essay on "The Wonder of Space," she can't wait to enter the contest--even after a classmate’s disparaging remark that girls and outer space don't mix. To really make a splash, Maryellen foregoes the essay and draws a comic book about a fearless adventurer,"Astro Girl." But will her daring comic earn her a place in the stars?

Writer/Director Maya Rudolph has loved American Girl since she was eight years old. Now working in Beijing, China, she’s been focusing on stories that empower girls while also working with Sesame Street China. She has lots of personal girl insight and experience to guide Maryellen’s film. In addition, her storyboards were particularly well done. Her aesthetic is spot-on—the casting, the art direction, the suburban, period settings, and especially her idea to contrast the core movie with vintage comic book storytelling, setting the faded pastels of yesterday against big, bold colors inked in the pages of comic books typical of the era.

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