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Soothing Foot Massage - Soft Spoken ASMR


This is a binaural foot massage video where I use my hands and apply a few essential oils. I softly speak what I'm doing as I do it. The ambient sounds (no talking) version is also available on my youtube page.

You have seen her beautiful face, her beautiful back, her beautiful arms, her beautiful neck and shoulders, her beautiful hands,... now here are her beautiful feet! And most importantly, she has a beautiful heart! Her only request was that I didn't tickle her feet. So I immediately tickled her feet. Sorry you guys didn't get to see that part. I hadn't pushed record yet!

The 2 oils that I used were orange and peppermint diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

P.S. I am not a massage therapist. I massage my friends, family, and cats because I love them... and they are much less likely to file a lawsuit against me. It's a win win.

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