Thằng gay mập biến thái thích dán miệng

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  • Marco Grecco

    Clearly he is an other victim!

  • Daryl

    You are a Vietnamese! I know who you are. Don't bully Alex!

  • Ben

    He is a hot guy but did he know you post it here? Not, right?

  • susanna.belen Banned

    OMG, he should be another victim!!

  • clovis_chang Banned

    片中人他很性感, 但我沒見過他。不知是誰。

  • Dave Lo Banned

    Anyways I hope it would be really permitted by the actual owner unless you are the guy in the video.

  • Dave Lo Banned

    Gay Conversion Organization: oooh, are you the person in the video?
    If not, I hope you didn't upload the video without the permission of the video wonder.

  • Dave Lo Banned

    wow, who are you...?