TikTok Influencers DENIED Entry to VidCon Party!!!

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TikTok threw a huge party at VidCon and tons of influencers waited in line for hours, but never got in. That sounds like an influencer’s nightmare!

What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and for the most part VidCon was amazing, I was there and it was a blast.

If you haven’t already watched our VidCon videos, you should probably check them out after this because they are hilarious.

Anyway, one night at VidCon wasn’t as fun for hundreds of influencers who couldn’t get in to a Tik-Tok party.

It was a creator-only party, ok Tik Tok, very exclusive.

But it was so popular that it turned into total chaos.

Hundreds of TikTok influencers were left standing outside for hours waiting to get in, and these aren’t just small influencers, some of them have over 100k followers.

According to The Atlantic, the party was so crowded that by 9:45pm, security guards were threatening to shut the party down if the creators didn’t stop trying to push their way in.

One Atlantic reporter tweeted quote, “The scene outside TikTok’s big VidCon party last night was CHAOS! All the people I spoke to in this line had over 100k followers and many had been waiting for hours. It was insanity! #Vidcon2019”

And someone who was actually invited to the party tweeted quote, “Got invited to the #tiktokafterparty waited in line 3 hours and wasn’t let in. It was literally tanacon 2.0 @tiktok_us next time you throw a party at a BOWLING ALLEY, maybe not invite like 600 people”

So what was inside this party that made all these people wait hours to try to get in?

Ok I admit, it’s kind of worth it.

Ty Dolla $ign performed, there was an ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X photo booth, and thousands of gummy bears referencing the Gummy Bear Challenge.

And some of the influencers who did make it in were Tana Mongeau, Alli Fitz, Ashly Schwan, and Loren Gray.

So yea, it was definitely a social media star studded party, I guess my invite must’ve gotten lost or something.

But it’s all good, VidCon was a ton of fun anyway.

Alright guys, I want to hear from you though.

Were you at VidCon? And would you have waited outside for hours to get into this party?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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