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These are the 'Top 50 K-Pop Songs for January 2016 (Week 5).' It is a K-Pop chart where you, the fans, vote for your Top 10 Favourite Songs each week. You have the power to choose which K-Pop songs are the very best! - 케이팝 노래 차트!

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Rules for the chart:

1. All new entries will debut at the beginning of the chart, unless they have already received points from fan votes. This is so that they don't infringe on what the fans have voted for in the previous week.

2. Each week you can rank your Top 10 K-Pop Songs in order of which songs you like the most. So rank your favorite song as #1, and one of your lesser favorites as #10.

3. The position you give them will be converted into points. A song you rank as your #1 favorite will receive 10 points, while a song that is ranked #10 will receive 1 point.

4. If your votes are not ranked from 1 to 10, I will assume that you like all of those songs equally and will award them an equal share of points. You duplicate songs in your list will be ignored.

5. All of the fan votes are totalled, and the songs are sorted from most points to least points.

Rules for voting:

1. Vote for no more than 10 songs please.

2. When a song has spent 12 weeks on the chart, it will automatically fall off in the next week.

3. After a song has been #1 for 6 weeks, you can no longer vote for that song in your Top 3. This is to prevent the chart from getting boring and being dominated by large fandoms.

4. A "GOLD SONG" is a song that has either:
- Spent at least 1 week in the Top 10.
- Been on the chart for over 8 weeks.

5. A "PLATINUM SONG" is a song that has either:
- Debuted in the Top 10.
- Spent at least 1 week in the Top 5.
- Stayed in the Top 10 for at least 3 weeks.

[K-Pop Songs in this Chart]

Lollipop (롤리팝) - IMFact (임팩트)
Pick Me Up - SUS4 (써스포)
Cider (사이다) - Yezi (예지)
Rough (시간을 달려서) - GFriend (여자친구)
Sting (찔려) - Stellar (스텔라)
Warning Sign (사각지대) - Teen Top (틴탑)
Noona, You (누나 너 말야) - Cross Gene (크로스진)
Crush On You (반했다) - The Legend (전설)
It Was Love (사랑이었다) - Zico (지코) ft. Luna
I Am You, You Are Me (너는 나 나는 너) - Zico (지코)
The Little Prince (어린왕자) - Ryeowook (려욱)
Don't Forget (잊어버리지마) - Crush (크러쉬) ft. Taeyeon (태연)
You Call It Romance (니가 하면 로맨스) - K.Will (케이윌) & Davichi (다비치)
Love Letter (러브 레터) - Jun.K (준케이)
Insomnia (불면증) - JJCC
Taxi - Anda (안다)
No Love - Lucky-J (럭키제이)
Dark Circle (코코소리) - CocoSori (다크서클)
Dream - Suzy (수지) & Baekhyun (백현)
Lonely Night (또 하루) - Gary (개리)
Someone Like U (너 같은) - Dal*Shabet (달샤벳)
Snowman (스노우맨) - April (에이프릴)
Napal Baji (나팔바지) - PSY
Love Line - Hyolyn (효린), Bumkey (범키), Jooyoung (주영)
Nail (손톱) - The Legend (전설)
Flame (불꽃) - ChoA (초아)
Again (다시) - Turbo (터보)
Daddy - PSY & CL
Dear Santa - TaeTiSeo (TTS) (태티서)
Aalow Aalow (아로아로) - Laboum (라붐)
Hello Bitches - CL
Run Away - Royal Pirates (로열 파이럿츠)
Muah! - April (에이프릴)
Eureka (유레카) - Zico (지코) ft. Zion.T
For You (그대에게) - Lovelyz (러블리즈)
Catch Me (여기여기 붙어라) - Up10tion (업텐션)
Q&A - Seventeen (세븐틴) & Ailee (에일리)
What's Wrong? (왜 또) - iKON
Sleepless Night (잠은 안오고 배는 고프고) - 9Muses (나인뮤지스)
Confession Song (고백송) - GOT7
Dumb & Dumber (덤앤더머) - iKON
Sing For You - EXO (엑소)
Run (런) - BTS (방탄소년단)

[Songs you can still vote for]

Fireworks (불꽃놀이) - SunWoo Jung-A (선우정아) & Jung YongHwa (정용화)
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